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The exhibition highlights | 2018 Shanghai international LED exhibition ended!

Release Time: 2018-09-23

The 14th Shanghai International LED Exhibition (LED CHINA 2018 Shanghai Station) was successfully concluded on September 21. During the short three days , M-Shine received many new and old customers from all over the world. Through this global LED vane display platform, more customers will know M-Shine's products and services. As an innovative technology leader in the industry, M-Shine at this LED exhibition is commendable.

Let's review the highlights and hot atmosphere of the exhibition site again.

The highlight of the industry has always been focused on innovation, and continuous optimization and innovation is the mission M-Shine has always adhered to, from Guangzhou Station to Shanghai Station, M-Shine has always followed the pace of the industry, constantly optimize the product characteristics, the transparent display of 85% with side luminous, brighter, lighter, higher refresh rate. New and stitchable modelling, leading the technology industry, and floor tile screens in the interactive technology has always been leading the premise of adding new point spacing products, more optional, faster induction, interactive experience is stronger. Due to the limitation of the venue, there are still more new products that have not been displayed this year. We look forward to seeing and guiding our customers and cooperating with us.

Oversales and foreign customers are in depth exchange of product technology;

Customers are deeply attracted by the response speed and display effect of floor tiles.

Our foreign colleague have reached a cooperation intention with their customers and contacted each other on site.

At the exhibition, M-Shine not only showcased brand-new products, but also made the visitors feel deeply that M-Shine strives for excellence, adheres to the spirit of innovation, and more identifies with the M-Shine brand. Each LED display from design, manufacturing to process, quality, reflects the M-Shine member's dedicated attitude and professional spirit, because the strict control of each process, we have more confidence in their products, more commitment to customers.

The 2018 Shanghai International LED Fair is over, but our innovation will not stop, our exploration will not stop. M-Shine thanks all new and old customers all the way to support and help, "M-Shine creative display - let the display be informal," let us in the new international environment under the challenge: do not forget, move forward!

Here are the highlights of the video clip.