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LED China 2019 exhibition/ M-Shine shines debut!

Release Time: 2019-03-04

On February 21, 2019, the 15th Shenzhen International LED Exhibition (LED CHINA) was held as scheduled at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Founded in 2005, LED CHINA is the world's first LED industry theme exhibition, focusing on the “one-stop” business procurement platform that displays the most complete LED industry chain. It is recognized by the industry as the “wind vane” for LED industry development. Every year, the exhibition area will bring together LED screen buyers and supply chain partners from all corners of the country. In the pavilion, it is a star-studded, colorful visual banquet.

This year, M-Shine's exhibition area is still very lively, with various product features as the division, subdividing the diversity and professionalism of M-Shine LED products.

Please follow the graphic report sent by the on-site photographer to experience the warm atmosphere of the scene:

The M55 booth of Hall No. 9 of M-Shine, which has received much attention, is crowded with people and the scene is hot. M-Shine is based on the segmentation of LED display products, and the professional and customized subdivision products allow viewers to stop and watch.

With professional product knowledge, deep industry experience and passionate interactive attitude, the on-site team provides customers with a relaxed viewing experience and a comfortable communication platform.

The P15.625 outdoor in-line grille screen and the P8.33 outdoor surface mount grille screen exhibited by the company are the hot products recommended by our company's grille screen series. With its ultra-light design that distinguishes it from traditional LED screens, the grille screen is characterized by remarkable energy saving and rapid heat dissipation. In recent years, it has attracted great attention from customers of outdoor engineering projects. The exhibited exhibits, mature technology, leading design, onlookers Businesses have a deep understanding of the characteristics of our products:

(1) 50% hollowing rate, rapid heat dissipation, power saving at the same time, does not affect the visual effect at all.

(2) Windproof, waterproof and moisture proof, IP67 level protection before and after, can cope with most of the outdoor bad weather, including typhoon, rain. Really work around the clock, no worries.

(3) The light bar adopts 6061 stretched aluminum outer casing to achieve sun protection and flame retardant effect.

(4) Dual power supply, main power supply + backup power supply, to ensure the normal operation of the entire screen for a long time.

(5) The cabinet is light and supports front and rear maintenance, and the installation and maintenance are simple, and the safety is greatly improved.

(6) Energy saving, power consumption only 1/3 of the conventional screen, high brightness and high efficiency, can be customized 15000cd/m2 high brightness screen.

As an industry trend, there are not a few exhibitors exhibiting transparent screens this year, but M-Shine's transparent screen products are still unique in the exhibition, which makes people shine.

P3.91-7.81 side-emitting transparent screen with a penetration rate of 87%, ultra-clear and ultra-thin design, seamless cutting process, fast installation method, attracting a lot of attention, and fulfilling orders on the spot.

P7.81-7.81 semi-circular transparent screen, can be arbitrarily cut into the shape that customers need, especially eye-catching!

The P3.91 stage rental screen of this exhibition has high brightness, wide color gamut, good refreshing and first-class imaging effect, which fully confirms M-Shine's leading technology in traditional screen manufacturing.

P6.25 interactive floor tile screen, using intelligent sensor chip, follow the footsteps of the activity to present instant picture sensing effect. M-Shine's innovative and intelligent interactive LED floor-to-ceiling screen technology has fully met the customer requirements of LED interactive floor tile segment market through various authoritative certifications and tests.

There are more special customized products, editor will not be introduced one by one, M-Shine invites customers who want to know more details of the products to visit and guide! If you missed this exhibition, you don't have to regret it. On March 3, 2019, you will meet at 2019 Guangzhou International LED Exhibition! At that time, M-Shine will bring more and more unique exhibits to the grand event!