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ISLE International LED Show Hot Site | M-Shine is coming soon!

Release Time: 2019-04-04

Guangzhou International LED Exhibition (Also known as ISLE Exhibition) feature with 100,000 m2 area, 7 new exhibition Halls, 30+ top industry summit scale, began on 3, March 2019 in Guangzhou Canton Fair, it showed the unlimited prospects and possibilities of advertising/ LED industry. ISLE last four days, over 1800 brands brought their cutting-edge technologies and products, embraced more than 200,000 global audience view!

During this ISLE term. M-Shine continued its high popularity, and showed comprehensive LED screens, by its 216sqm of exhibition area, unique and creative exhibits, professional sales team and sincere communication attitude,

From irregular screen leading the industry, to recent years’ transparent screens and mesh screen. M-Shine deep the market with strong R&D, strict quality standard and professional team, wonderful reputation accumulated these years, corporate image established as well! M-Shine exhibits combined industry spotlight and its key products, fully demonstrated its determination to connection market, and ability of state-of-the-art R&D! Below ISLE photos sharing with you

On-site screens, above is 100 sqm P15.625 outdoor mesh screen: 50% hollowing rate, quick heat dissipation, energy-saving while not affect visual effect at all; windproof, waterproof and moisture-proof, IP67 for whole construction; strips adapt 6061 stretch aluminum, to achieves sun protection and flame retardant effect; dual power supply design, to ensure the screen long durability; lightweight cabinet with front and rear service, easily installation and maintenance, greatly improved safety; energy saving, Only 1/3 of conventional screen power consumption; high brightness and high efficiency, 15000cd/sqm customizable.

Famous for 87% transparency, the transparent screen, front-emitting and side-emitting series, it got stable illumination, can be any shape cutting and custom-made, well-credited by audience, order confirmed frequently on the exhibition site.

Customized semicircle transparent screen, irregular shape + transparent.

Creative M-Shine, just this kind of eye-catching!

P3.91 outdoor rental & P5.208 dance floor & P5.33/P6.67/P8/P10 outdoor fixed series

LED letter screen, classic reappear.

In 2019, M-Shine highly welcomed guests from all around the world, ISLE exhibition has come to an end, but amazing was not only ISLE itself, before and after, the factory visiting reserved all the time. For customers who didn’t see enough on the scene, M-Shine is hear for your visiting at any time!

Please enjoy the live video: